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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

a new Block of the Month (BOM)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Depending where you live it might be Spring...or Winter still has you in its nasty grasp.  In Virginia, it depends on the day...

My laser is up and running. I've done some test blocks. I'm now ready to launch a new BOM this summer. Why not until July?  It takes me a few months to get permission from the designer, locate the fabric line, and get started on a sample. Honestly, some BOMs I'm barely a month ahead of y'all!

Here are the applique BOM that I have to choose from. I will start a pieced BOM sometime later this year, don't fret!

Frostys Wonderland

Frostys Wonderland

Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio

Family Tree

Family Tree

Laundry Basket Quilts

Close this window

Fall Memories Quilt

Poorhouse Quilt Designs

Baltimore Album of Roses

Baltimore Album of Roses

C&T Publishing

Summer Skinnies

Summer Skinnies

Ribbon Candy Quilt Company

(I didn't post all 12 skinnies here, but this is her style...)

Autumn Evening

Autumn Evening

Ribbon Candy Quilt Company

Blessings of Christmas Pattern Kit

Blessings of Christmas Pattern Kit

Shabby Fabrics

*****Remember, the pieces will be laser cut with the fusible already applied! all you do is iron the pieces down and sew by and or machine. The price per month will be in the $20 range--maybe as high as $25 depending on which one we choose. The pattern will not be part of the first month fee, but extra. You MUST have a pattern to do BOM with me. Copyright is something I preach on all the I won't preach here. ;)

now I need you to comment and share this post with your friends! I will have limited slots for the BOM, so don't wait!

(I have the comments option set to moderator--meaning I get an email when you comment and have to approve it. This cuts down on spammers.)

keep quilting!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

a new name, business training, and Row by Row

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I missed blogging last week...I was on Spring Break from school and then the family headed to DC for some sightseeing--for them...and the Creative Arts Business Summit for me. This was my 3rd year attending this conference. If you are a quilt professional, this is THE place to be to grow your business.

Yesterday I went to Charlotte, NC to train how to use my new Epilog Laser.  It was nice to get away by myself. ;)

I have several shops signed up to to have me laser cut their Row by Row. I have a few more slots left.  If you would like your shop to offer that, have them email me, OK?

Gotta roll,
ps. Thank you to all who offered suggestions for the new laser--I named her Madam Defarge--a character in A Tale of Two Cities who fantasizes about killing people with a tapestry thread-- or something to that effect--it's been awhile since I read the book.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I've been talking about my new laser for a few weeks.  Guess what arrived?  YES it did!  did you hear me shouting and dancing last night? (after we had to remove a window, slide the crate through the window, and put the window back in?? lol)

Head over to my website to see the pic and what I need help with now!

thank you!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

a little play time...

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Whew! What a busy few weeks I've had. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  I've gotten everything cut and packaged that I plan to sell at the Quilt Fair this weekend and was able to start working on my demo that I plan to do.  I plan to "work smarter, not harder" with this. Not only am I "demo-ing" this technique this weekend, but plan to teach it at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival in June, as well as, several quilt guild meetings this year.

What IS this technique, you ask?

head over to my website to check it out!

Click here.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

If at first you don't succeed...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

I've had very little time recently to sew with my machine. I'm busy with a few bathroom remodels (why did I decide to have 2 bathroom remodels at the same time, anyway???), customer orders, a quilt show to get ready for, a guild meeting that I'm teaching at, and a business conference. Oh, yeah, and my oldest son's 9th birthday party.

whew.  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that...

Head over to my website to finish reading...

Saturday, February 20, 2016

A big announcement...and I need your help!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to tell you about a business trip I took to Charlotte, NC yesterday!

I have had my eye on a laser cutting system for several years for my business. They are expensive. I also have 2 children that I was scared to have such equipment around (I can see Mo putting Chi in the machine, closing the lid and pressing the power button...)

Epilog is the brand that I like most. There are other terrific brands out there, but this one is close (well, Charlotte, NC is 2.5 hours away) and the customer service is top notch.  

My machine should arrive sometime next month.  I'm SO excited...can you hear my excitement? I literally couldn't sleep last night. This machine will allow me to cut ALL applique patterns.  It will allow me to do so much more! I will be able to cut plastic (think templates, rulers, quilt stencils) glass (I plan to etch quilt patterns on wine glasses, coffee mugs and YETI cups!). I will also be able to etch your logo onto cups, mugs, etc. What an awesome gift for your favorite customer! I can also engrave wood and cork.  I see some quilt themed cork coasters in my future. On display in the showroom the rep had etched the marble floor in the doorway. My fireplace in my studio remodel is going to have some etched granite on the hearth...

Oh, the ideas are endless...

But I need your help!

I would LOVE to start a block of the month (or every other week, if that is what the group decides), but I need some suggestions. Remember, I will be able to cut ANY pattern. I will not be limited to the dies I own or can have created (custom dies are SO expensive!) I will have to get permission from the pattern designer, but that usually isn't a problem. Suggestions need to be patterns that I can still order--either from a distributor or from the designer directly.


Post comments WITH links to patterns that you would like to see offered as a BOM.  Also, can I ask another favor???? Can you send a shout out to all your quilty friends on FB, Instgram, Pinterest, quilt guilds, etc. and ask for their input? They can also sign up for my newsletter on my website by clicking here, that way we stay in touch!

Thank you for all your help and support as I start down this new path!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's a Blog POP!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Welcome everyone!

I am excited to be participating in the Blog POP that Jo of the Fat Quarter Gypsy has organized!  Have you been to the other blogs?  I have really enjoyed the other blog posts, I hope you have too!

Have you seen a Pop Up in action? Click here to see it on the Fat Quarter Gypsy FB page. (and while you are there, "like" the page, too!)

I couldn't wait to get my hands on a Pop-up pattern and kit!  I knew just what I wanted to make with it!  A baby themed Pop-up! Nurseries decorated in a jungle theme or Noah's Ark are classic.

I used several animals for my Pop-up.  The dies I used for the appliques were purchased from Accucut Education.  Visit there site here. I used the "Zoo Friends" set of dies. Mine is an older set that includes a hippo as well. (For GO! owners--Studio dies do NOT work in your machine. Sorry)

As you can see, I filled it with all sorts of goodies. Just perfect for a baby shower gift.  The new mom can then use it to store all sorts of goodies within arms reach of where ever she needs it! I think it would be great to store some cotton balls, wipes and diaper creme in. Another idea is to fill it with small baby toys such as rattles and teething rings. The ideas are endless!

I do my applique by hand, but the appliques are able to be applied by machine as well. Where I have used a back stitch, the appliques are perforated to make this easier. All my appliques come with paper backed fusible already applied. I like Heat N Bond featherlight. It does not "gunk up" a machine and is very easy to sew by hand. If you prefer needle turn applique the shape is cut out with freezer paper and ironed onto fabric for you to cut around.

Have you been to my website to see all the applique shapes I have available?  You can visit it here. You can send me your fabric to cut into specific shapes or you can order shapes in a certain color and I will use fabric I have on hand. I am a "pre-washer", so any fabric I use of mine will be pre-washed.  I have better success with the fusible adhering to the fabric if all the chemicals have been washed out. I also treat the fabric with Retayne, so I know that bleeding will not be an issue.

I also pre-cut pieced quilts. I have hundreds of dies and can cut most patterns. I do require, however, that you OWN the pattern. Copyright is very important. 

Email me today to get started on your pre-cut kit!

To enter the Blog Pop contest--all I need is for you to comment below on how you would decorate your pop up. Would you use appliques? A pattern?  What colors would you decorate with?

Also, if you can't find the Pop up spring and pattern at your LQS, you can order from Jo's website. This project was quick and easy and I highly recommend you give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by!  Good luck!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

a sneak peek...

Wednesday, February 2, 2016


I have been feverishly working on a sample for a blog hop I'm participating in next week.  My post next week is coming out on Friday--stay tuned to my newsletter!

Sign up here.
There will be daily prizes...a GRAND prize...tons of don't want to miss a single day!

click on the picture for more info...

Keep quilting, everyone!


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello from snowy Virginia!  I am currently on snow day #5 from school and LOVING every minute of it.  My boys have spent the last 2 nights at my Mom's house--she has better sledding hills in her neighborhood. ;) This is allowed me some much needed down time...

I have been busy this past week.  I have worked on a client project.  She sent me the fabric to cut out Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt, Allietarre. These are her fabric choices.  She nailed it perfectly!

For more info on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, click here.

I have also been working on my bathroom remodel.  The drywall guys came yesterday and we hung the drywall.

I also took advantage of my kid-free time this morning to stop by my local flooring shop and pick out 3 flooring choices.  My husband and I will go back soon and make the final choice.  I hope to install that next month on my intercession break from school.

About 3 days into the snow storm my OCD and cabin fever collided.  I have had this 55 gallon container of fabric scraps for about 15 years. As I cut a project every little scrap gets thrown in. Please understand, I mean REALLY little pieces. Some are only big enough to cut a 1" finished HST triangle from it.  I have been wanting to sort them by color for quite a while...but who has time?  Well, Blizzard 2016 gave me the time I needed...

Here is what I started with...

And here is where I was going with this project...

and here is the final picture...

Somehow I think they multiplied, but at least I consider it more usable now...

As you can see, I have had a very productive time at home!  I would love a comment or two about how you have survived the Blizzard OR what you have been up to since the holidays!

Keep Quilting!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Valentine pattern by Kari Schell

Wednesday, January 19, 2016

Hi Everyone!

I'm really trying to do a better job blogging--one of my goals for the year...

I had this pattern delivered to my inbox the other day and I just love it!  If you own a die cut machine, it is so simple to cut!

If you own an Accuquilt machine, you would need HST dies and a strip die for the large and small squares (Studio only).

If my math is correct, for 2" finished HST, you could use the Value die that came with your GO! cutter.

If you have the Studio machine, you would need dies for the HST, 2" squares and 4" squares. There are several on their website.

For more of Kari's patterns--visit her site here.  For the link to her store of AMAZING patterns visit here. I also highly recommend signing up for her newsletter.  Her patterns are very die cut friendly. I have several on my list to do this year. I also love watching her tutorials. Her voice is so calm...

Until next time...keep quilting!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I'm back!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hi Everyone!  I'm back over at my blog on blogger because my old website has been redone and it does not have the capability to host my blog.  Unfortunately, I lost everything I had posted on the old blog. 

Have you visited my new website?  I haven't quite finished working out the kinks.  My old website was with Websites for Quilters who sold it to Like Sew.  I think once I get the broken links fixed I will be quite happy with it.  I also did not move my online store. Everything I do will be custom from now email me!  (my other still works, too!)

my website:

I was really busy over my Christmas Break...I cut the kits for Ebony Love's ( newest Quilt Along--Little House on the Prairie. If you haven't signed up, you still have time~ it doesn't start until Sunday.  I think she also has a few pre-cut kits left and let me tell you...that is the way to go! Just sit down and sew!

This is wrestling season in the Hall every Saturday I sit for WAY too long in a gym while my guys compete. To pass the time, I started a new project.  For my newest project I decided to challenge myself a little bit.  I like to crochet.  Please understand I only know the basics and have only made the occasional scarf or blanket.  I have never followed a pattern.  Here is a picture of what I found on Pinterest one day and decided this would be my latest project...

I finished the sleeves last night and hope to have the rest of it finished sometime this week.  I chose a deep burgundy for this project.  I'll post pics next week.

Keep quilting!