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Monday, February 24, 2014

Color, color, and more color...

Peagler, Maria. “Breaking Boundaries in a Quilter’s Color Journal.” Quilter’s Newsletter. February/March 2011. p. 46-47.

I love this article about color!  The author starts out with the quote, “A formulaic approach to color, although technically correct, can leave a quilter wondering why her quilt looks like the color chart in a paint store.”  Hmm…yep! I’ve thought that!  Sometimes I like to design a quilt using a designers’ palette of colors, sometimes I like to do scrappy.  It’s the scrappy quilts that get me in trouble with color.  If I use a collection of fabrics that are designed to coordinate, then I often feel like my quilt came from a paint store.

I’ll admit, I’ve never used a color journal before.  I’m not much on journaling of anything…that’s why blogging can be so hard…  This journal, though, I can see a need for!  I might not use the exact type of journal that she advocates for, but modify it by using some sort of photo album, scrap book, etc.
I can see an album of patterns and fabric swatches for quilts I am in the process of making or plan to make in the future. The author states that a color journal gives us the opportunity to play and discover our own creative potential that can help us make our quilts uniquely our own.  I like that!

She lists 5 tips to help jump-start your color vision:

  1. Adorn the cover of your journal with fabric, photos, or magazine clippings.  Make it inviting!
  2. Collect photos and magazine clippings with colors you like and pate them in your journal.
  3. Select a journal page, identify the main colors and choose matching fabric swatches from your stash.  Paste the swatches in your journal to create a fabric palette. 
  4. Be sure that your fabric palette includes a variety of lights and darks.  Doing this will add greater contrast to your quilt design. 
  5. Use a color wheel to analyze and understand your fabric palette. Arrange your stash using the wheel and note what you have in abundance and what is lacking. (p. 47)

Would love to hear about any sort of journal you keep.  I have often wished I kept a journal of quilts I had already completed along with scraps of fabric as a memory keepsake.  It would be nice to see how far I’ve progressed as a quilter.

So…do you keep a journal?  Would love to hear about it!

Until next time,
keep quilting!

Monday, February 17, 2014

more snow...

Hi Everyone!

As I write this I am FINALLY enjoying some peace and quiet!  My boys are at my mom's house and my hubby is still at work. We have been snowed in since Thursday. My school was cancelled on Wednesday in anticipation of the snow and my boy's school went 1/2 day.  Well, you would think with all this "extra" time on my hands, my house would be clean, yummy smells would be coming from my kitchen, my UFO's would be done and my customer orders would be packaged and waiting to go in the mail.


Why is that?  Well, Thursday went really well. I finished up the needle turn kits for the Rose of Sharon BOM. By Friday I could keep my boys in no more, so we slid across town to my mom's house.  She lives near a school with a "medium" sized sledding hill. Just right for my aging knees and my 3 and 6 year old to climb up.  I'll admit, I took a turn or two down the hill.  It was the easiest way to help my 3 year old UP the hill. lol

Here is a picture of my mom and the boys along with some neighbor boys who joined us.  Who can resist when we had an "extra" sled?

Here is my boys in my mom's kitchen stripping off the wet clothes.  She had hot "tea" and homemade cookies in the oven even before they were undressed. She rocks! You can tell how exhausted they were.  They slept really well that night!

Since Monday is a holiday, I hope to get the Rose of Sharon kits in the mail by Tuesday.  I wanted to mail them on Saturday, but it was marathon grocery shopping day.  With my crew it is quite an event lasting several hours.

I'm enjoying my hexie BOM that I'm doing with THE HEXIE blog.  Head over to my FB page and check it out.

Also, if you need me to cut the pieces for that BOM or any other project you have in mind, just shoot me an email!

Keep quilting everyone!

Monday, February 10, 2014

International Quilt Study Center and Museum, Feb. 2014

Hello Everyone!

This is the quilt featured this month from the International Quilt Study and Center.  Compared to what this Museum normally features, this quilt is fairly new! It was made in 1995.

Read on for more details...

International Quilt Study Center and Museum, February 2014.
Star Puzzle, Blazing Star variation
Made by Nora Ezell
Dated 1995
Eutaw, Alabama
Robert and Helen Cargo Collection
IQSCM 2000.004.0029
Nora Ezell began making variations of this pattern, which she calls "Star Puzzle," in the 1970s. Among the best known contemporary southern African American quilters, Ezell has been recognized with a number of accolades; she won an Alabama Folk Heritage award in 1990 and an NEA National Heritage Fellowship in 1992.
Ezell is one of more than 30 quiltmakers represented in the Robert and Helen Cargo Collection. The collection encompasses more than 150 quilts made by African American women primarily from Alabama.
While most of the quilts date from the 1970s and later, a number pre-date the 1950s. Many were purchased directly from the maker, whom Dr. Cargo came to know as he visited them.
Selected quilts from this collection have been exhibited at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York, The National Humanities Center in North Carolina and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and are featured in a number of publications including "Quilts: A Living Tradition" by Robert Shaw.
Read more about this quilt and view it in high resolution on The American Story.

I posted last time about The Hexie Blog and the new BOM that she is doing.  Well, I spent the other evening working on my first block, the snowflake.  
Here is a picture of it:

The heart one is next. I can't wait. I might work on it tonight.

I also received an email that the black flannel I ordered should be here soon.  I can't wait to start working on my flannel quilted jacket.  I'm still trying to get my wool for the appliques.  This will be
my first project working with wool.  I'm really excited.

So much for slower, fewer, better?  well, I plan to take my time with these two projects, so hopefully they will turn out better.  Guess I still need to work on fewer...but life is so short and my quilt list is sooo long...

keep quilting everyone!