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Monday, January 27, 2014

still trying to slow down...

I recently read an article in an issue of American Quilt Retailer (January 2014, p. 34) titled, “Goal-setting: caged or engaged” by Beth Ferrier.  I really enjoyed this article!  She writes about a friend who had never been a goal setter and how “flabbergasted” she was at the idea.  Like this author, I have always been a goal setter.  Everything has a timeline.  Without goals (aka, roadmap) I don’t get anywhere fast.  Ms. Ferrier mentions that it “earns her the reward of flitting off to something else”.

That’s it.


I’m a goal setter to help manage my ADHD. Some people act like it is a curse.  It’s my coping mechanism for time management.  I have learned to embrace my ADHD. How else could I work full time, run a GROWING business and keep up with two (ahem) active boys?
The author of this article takes a new turn with her goal setting and mentions that she was “driven”~ as in cattle being driven.

Not driving.

Not in control.

Feelings of inadequacy. 

In an earlier blog post I wrote about the winter doldrums.  I think that was my problem.  I wasn’t stopping long enough to enjoy the sense of accomplishment. It was, “Yep. Done. Cross it off the list and move to the next thing”. I had lost a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment that my goals often provide for me.

So, in typical ADHD, goal setting fashion, I have a new goal for 2014. Stop and enjoy the quilting.  It’s not all about finishing the project. It’s about enjoying the process.
Part of me is fighting this, BIG TIME.  It may take longer to work on this one…

Keep quilting (and take a minute to smell the roses!),

Monday, January 20, 2014

Slower, fewer, better?

Happy Monday everyone!

I read an article recently in American Quilt Retailer (January 2014) titled, "Slower, Fewer, Better" (p. 18, Kathy Mack) and it got me thinking.

The article was about the speed in which new merchandise/fabric is produced and how shop owners can't keep up (making samples, etc) and shoppers are "fatigued" and as a result, buy less.

I think I need to adopt this phrase for 2014.  The projects I finish need to be better. For that to happen I need to slow down.  This will mean I get fewer projects done.  If the quality is better~ I've learned a new technique, the fabric is chosen with more care, the pattern is chosen more carefully~ isn't that a good thing?

I'll admit last year I was in a frenzy to GET THINGS DONE.  My list is much shorter this year and I really want to slow down and enjoy the process.  In that spirit, I plan to take a day to sew my Bright BOM quilt together (while my boys are at school, of course...).  The layout I have planned requires a few extra blocks and then I am going to do a quilt as you go (QAYG) method.

Here is what I have planned:

until next time,
keep quilting!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I think I have the winter doldrums.  I really should be working on my scrappy hexagon quilt.  I figured out the other day that I only have 7 more flowers to make and then I can consider it finished. I won't be very big, I guess lap size.

I launched my Dresden Plate BOM this week.  It has been a huge hit! I want to thank everyone who has signed up, this is the biggest group yet!  This month's color was red.

Next month the color with be orange.  The black and white fabric will stay the same. It's not too late to join, email me at if you would like to join us!  The block is only $7.50/mo, runs for 12 months (although you can order more blocks if you would like!). The pieces come pre cut and the fusible you will need is included.

Here is my first attempt:

My curves are a little wonky, I don't sew them everyday. I needed to slow down, but with 2 little ones, slow isn't a speed I do very often! I'm doing a baptist fan layout,  I'm still trying to decide if I want to alternate the background colors with black, white and a lighter gray.  I need a snow day to help me figure it out.

Until next time, keep quilting!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

IQSCM January 2014 Quilt of the Month

Hello and happy 2014!
I hope you have had some time to quilt.  I squeaked in the final UFO for the year on Dec. 31st. I thought it would be a quilt for me (it has pink in it), but my boys (once again) have made it a "favorite covey".

I love historical/antique quilts and this one is no different.

The Reconciliation Quilt
Lucinda Ward Honstain
Brooklyn, NY
Dated 1867
IQSCM 2001.011.0001

In the quilt’s blocks, Lucinda Ward Honstain reveals intimate details of her family's life—a young woman riding a black horse may represent Honstain’s daughter, Emma. A male figure dressed in dramatic fashion in a Zouave-inspired military uniform may represent Honstain’s husband. Honstain’s red brick Brooklyn home is portrayed in the center of the quilt, with an American flag flying and the yard teeming with a variety of farm animals.
Honstain’s quilt also expresses the social and political identity of Brooklyn in 1867. Specific images refer to the Civil War: a powerful image of a black man facing a white man half his size proclaims “Master, I am Free.” Another reads “Jeff Davis and Daughter,” referring to the legendary reunion of Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States, and his daughter after his imprisonment. These blocks represent hope for the reconciliation of the Northern and Southern states after the war.
In 2013, The Reconciliation Quilt was displayed at Homestead National Monument as part of the year-long celebration of the Homestead Act’s 150th Anniversary. In this video clip, IQSCM Curator of Collections Carolyn Ducey and Homestead Historian Blake Bell explain the quilt’s cultural and historical significance.
The quilt was also previously featured in our inaugural exhibition, Quilts in Common: Around the Globe & Across the Centuries, in 2008.
Read more about how The Reconciliation Quilt and other quilts serve as a form of awareness and activism and view it in high resolution on The American Story.
happy quilting!

Quilt Of The Month

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!
I hope you had a great Christmas or holiday celebration!

Happy New Year!

Have you started working on your goals or resolutions for next year? I've already posted mine and am trying to figure out how to schedule more hours into my day so I can get to my sewing machine.

If you need a quilt pre-cut for you so you can get it done more quickly, just send me an email at and we can get started! It is more reasonable than you think.  "Custom" doesn't mean "expensive".  Trust me on this. You will be pleasantly suprised.

I hope you have a quilty year!