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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013

Hi Everyone!
I had this nice long blog post written out.  I turned my back for just a second--actually I went out to do hall duty (shh!) and when I came back to my desk it was GONE! the whole post--even the pictures! ugh.  what is it with me and technology?
Just an update on the BOM--all my spots are filled.  If you are interested (with NO obligation) in a Civil War era BOM to be started sometime in May, let me know.  I can add you to the list to be contacted in late April. Again, NO obligation.
My applique of the month this for February is Easter eggs.  They come in two sizes, 2" and 3". The fusible is already applied. The eggs are in a variety of colors/patterns. The package contains 12 for $5.  I accept Paypal, check, and credit card.
hey! the photo loaded correctly.  You just never know, huh?  LOL

Here is a project that I have been working on for almost a year. I hate (HATE!) doing bullentin boards.  I think I was traumitized in my undergrad when I had to take a B-board class.  Yep, a whole class on bullentin boards.  It was AWFUL.  Anyway, I made this applique calendar as an easy way to get out of changing out my bullentin board every month.  The white part of the calendar is a quilt, all the numbers, months and shapes are interchangeable.  I plan to have a student helper change it out every month.  Did I mention that I HATE bullentin boards?

 I LOVE changing out the date for snow days--do you see the snow flake? we had a snow day last Friday. It was HEAVEN.


I have a noise maker for Jan. 1, a heart for Feb. 14, a shamrock for March 17, Easter eggs and a cross for Easter, birthday cake for staff birthdays, a flag for July. 4, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veteran's Day, Sept. 11-Patriot's Day; a apple for the 1st day of school, a pumpkin for Halloween, a turkey for Thanksgiving, and a tree for Christmas. oh, yeah, and flip flops for the LAST day of school. LOL
I'm gonna end this right now, before I loose it again!  Friend me on FB! "Like" my page if you haven't already!