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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

To all my quilty friends,

I wish you a day filled with love, joy, peace (and quiet?). A day spent with family (by blood or by choice!). A day spent quilting, eating, or whatever you most like to do.

Merry Christmas,

Monday, December 16, 2013

IQSCM--another beautiful quilt!

Dear all,

As most of the country is blanketed in snow (or in my case, cold dreary rain! yuck!) I thought this post from the International Quilt Study Center & Museum was rather timely.  Nothing takes the blues away than a quilt from a warm island!

Here is the link:

I've also cut and pasted the article, in case you can't click on the link:

Beauty of Hilo Bay
Maker unknown
Made in Hawaii, United States
Circa 1930-1950
IQSCM 2005.015.0001

European and American missionaries brought Western-style quiltmaking to the Hawaiian Islands in the late nineteenth century. The Hawaiian natives already possessed a quilted textile tradition, called kapa moe, but these pieces were not pieced or appliquéd, rather they were painted with natural dyes depicting motifs based on natural forms.
Although no firm documentary evidence has yet been found, missionaries also may have brought papercutting as well as scherenschnitte-style quilts to Hawaii. At least one scherenschnitte album quilt is known to have been made by a mission society for a minister who was preparing to leave for Hawaii.
However they were introduced to the technique, by the 1870s Hawaiian women began to create fold-and-cut appliqué motifs for quiltmaking.
Unlike the American scherenschnitte quilts, Hawaiian quiltmakers covered the entire surface of their quilts with a single large motif rather than a series of smaller ones. This format, distinct from any other appliqué tradition, makes Hawaiian quilts unique in the world of quiltmaking, as do their unique appliqué designs.
Hawaiian women look to native vegetation for inspiration in creating their cut-out motifs, creating strikingly original patterns like awapuhi (red ginger) and ahinahina (silversword). Hawaiian quiltmakers transformed a skill they had acquired from outsiders into a quintessentially Hawaiian art form.
This quilt was featured in our inaugural exhibition, “Quilts in Common: Around the Globe and Across the Centuries.”

And here is a picture of the quilt:

Quilt Of The Month

I finished one of the items on my to do list for next year. (I cheated and sent my boys to Grandmas).  Have you made a list for next year yet?  Would love to hear what your goals are for next year and if I can help you accomplish them!

Until next time, keep quilting!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Patchwork in Paraguay

I have been browsing older issues of magazines lately and came across the article, “Patchwork in Paraguay” (The Quilter, Dec. 2011, p.24).  This article features Sylvia Hill and how she has teaches sewing classes to the women of Limpio, Paraguay.  She started teaching with only used clothing in the beginning.  The benefits these women receive from quilting are the same that I have experienced~ self esteem, creativity, gifts for family members, and therapy against depression and stress.  She also notes the more educated a women becomes the less poor they become.  They are able to earn money by selling the items they make.

To learn more about this project, Sylvia has a blog, visit 

I would love to hear about a sewing organization you have been involved with!  Please comment below.  Leave a website or other contact info too!
Keep quilting!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Official UFO list for next year

I'm writing the list and making it public.  My goals for next year:

Hand projects:
Hexagon quilt--piecing
Wool/flannel cape with appliques
Crochet fabric strips from scrap box

Machine projects:
GFG--the one I posted about a few weeks ago.  I started quilting it
 and the thread kept breaking.  I took a break. lol
Curtain for LR (not a quilt, but it needs done!)
Bright BOM--plan to do QAYG method
CWBOM--also a QAYG method planned
Scrappy Crazy quilt--foundation pieced using scrap box.

Would love to hear about your goals for next year.  Let me know if cutting
 your pieces for you would help you get them done faster!

keep quilting...

Monday, November 25, 2013

I received this email from the International Quilt Study Center a few weeks ago.  It has a YouTube video embedded in it.  I have copy and pasted the URL for you.  I just love the historical aspects of quilts!

Here is the blurb that came in the email:

"Posing with Patchwork" was guest curated by Janet Finley, author of Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955. Most of the photographs in this exhibition come from Finley's vintage photograph collection. They are paired with quilts from the IQSCM collection. The exhibition is on display through Nov. 30.
Would love to see pics of you and your quilts.  Or better yet, any antique pics you have with family members and quilts.

 I know we are super busy with Christmas/holiday sewing, cooking and entertaining right now.  Would love a comment or two about what you are making for Christmas presents. I posted a pic (on Facebook)of the stockings I'm making for the boys' teachers, did you see them?  I plan to stuff them with the teachers favorite candy, nuts, tea, coffee, etc. (I've emailed them and asked what they like).  I also plan to put a Walmart gift card in it and call it a day.  I'm all about gift cards and no wrapping.  I HATE to wrap presents.  One because I suck at it.  Two because it seems like such a waste.
gotta run...keep quilting!
ps.  Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for my faithful customers and my business.  I'm living the dream!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Virginia Quilt Museum

Monday, November 28, 2013

Hello Everyone!
I hope your week has gotten off to a great start.

I had a great weekend.  My youngest son spent the night at my Mom's house on Friday night.  This allowed me to have an extra 8 or so hours of work time on Saturday to get my kits caught up.  The Rose of Sharon kits are in the mail and you should receive it soon.

I received this email from the Quilt Museum of Virginia.  I wished I lived closer to this place, I would visit every weekend.  (On second thought, maybe that is a good thing, I would never get anything else done...) It sounds like some great things are planned...
 (until next time, keep quilting...

Dear Rose,

As I look out at the mountains surrounding this lovely region and the colorful falling leaves, it hits me that it really is November and the snow will soon be flying. I hope you have been able to visit the Museum and enjoy the effervescent beauty of the star quilts that we have currently on exhibit. If not, these sparkling exhibits will be with us until December 14th and you still have time to enjoy them and see all the changes the Museum has undergone since January.
We have had such a busy year! We have had stunning exhibits that have encompassed delicate antiques to vibrant vintage pieces to amazing art quilts. Additionally, we have been able to start supporting our guilds by showcasing their art work. To date we have exhibited pieces by the Shenandoah Valley Chapter of the American Needlework Guild, the Roanoke Star Quilters, and the Virginia Star Quilters of Fredericksburg. We have also been hit with more maintenance expenses for our historic Warren-Sipe House. From air conditioning to dehumidifiers to water damaged ceilings, there's never a dull moment at the Museum.  
As you can tell, there is still a lot of work to be done at the Museum. Stay tuned for more news and events. To keep you more informed of what's happening at the Museum; the main membership newsletters will be coming in four installments, Winter in February, Spring in May, Summer in August, and Fall in November.
Thank you so much for your support of the Museum! I hope to see you soon.
Happy quilting! 
Victorian Holiday Tea
Crazy Quilts Program
We are delighted to offer another of our lovely tea program fundraisers.  On Saturday, December 7th at 3:00 pm, we will host our Victorian Holiday Tea with our charming presenter, Neva Hart.  Our guests will enjoy elegant tea, tasty scones, savories, sweets, a special tour of the STARGAZING exhibit, an informative program, and our new Curator might just feel spunky and pull a special treat out of the vault for your viewing pleasure.  Neva will be sharing with us enjoyable and interesting facts on the crazy quilts of the Victorian Era.  Although this program is filling up, we do have spaces still available. We hope you will join us for our last tea of the year. 
Pre-registration and payment is required to hold your place at the tea. Tickets are $25 each and you may reserve your place online or by calling the Museum at (540) 433-3818.   

Little Quilts, Big Talents 2013 
"New Horizons Down Under" by Millie D. Johnson
Round Three: Online Only
If you have been following this year's Little Quilts, Big Talents Silent Auctions, they you already know that we have received some absolutely beautiful pieces.  This third installment is no different. We hope you will take a moment to gaze and bid upon these gorgeous little quilts.  They are available at the Benefit Bidding website for sneak peeks, but the bidding will begin on Sunday, November 10th and end on Sunday, November 24th.  Just in time for holiday shopping!
We want to thank everyone who has donated a little quilt, shared our information, bid, won or just supported the Museum throughout the year.  We sincerely appreciate everyone's assistance because without you it would be impossible for us to continue our mission. 
Even though we are publicizing the Silent Auctions to a large audience through social media, Benefit Bidding's resources, and our own website, we still need your help to reach more people. The more people we can reach the better our chances of reaching our goals. We hope you will share this with all your friends, family, and contacts. We are hoping our final Little Quilts, Big Talents Silent Auction will reach $2,500.  We can do it with your help.

New Shop Items 
VQM Quilter's Prayer T-Shirt
Fabric, Ornaments,
& More
We are very excited to have so many new items in the Museum Shop! We have new styles of jewelry, new porcelain ornaments sporting our elegant new logo, books, and of course our new "Blue Ridge Fabric" by Quilting Treasures.  Oh, and have you seen our new t-shirts? We are delighted to offer new and fun shirts in our Museum Shop.  We have five different styles in a variety of colors, but the favorite is our exclusive Quilter's Prayer with Logo.  Now you can show your VQM Spirit with one of our shirts.  Be sure to check out our Shop for all your gift giving needs!

Shop of the Quarter
Patchwork Plus
Patchwork Plus
The Virginia Quilt Museum is pleased to introduce our first Shop of the Quarter
, Patchwork Plus!  
Ken & Phyllis Reeves purchased Patchwork Plus 13 ½ years ago. At that time, Phyllis was a floor manager and had worked at the shop for about 6 years. It was a general fabric store that also carried a limited line of gift items. Over the next 2 or 3 years, Phyllis worked to transform Patchwork Plus into one of the premier quilt shops in Virginia. The shop is 9000 sq feet with over 5000 bolts of top quality quilting fabric and 150 samples made up and on display.   They offer classes year round with an emphasis on children's classes in the summer.
Patchwork Plus focuses on batiks, children's prints, novelties, and florals. Recently they have started carrying more reproduction and Civil War prints. Patchwork also carries Bernina and Janome sewing machines and Handiquilter longarm machines. On site mechanical service is provided for these brands as well as most other mechanical machines. You can find Patchwork Plus in Dayton, Virginia on the hill above the Dayton Farmer's Market or on the web at
In support of our Business Partners, the Virginia Quilt Museum will feature a different Shop of the Quarter every newsletter. Our Business Partners support the Museum's mission through financial donations, helping visitors find us, and by sharing our information. If you would like for your business to be eligible for Shop of the Quarter, please contact Meg Carr at or by calling (540) 433-3818.   

Help the Museum Without Making A Donation
Shop Online  
The holidays are approaching fast and many of us are starting to peruse the web and stores for those special gifts. At the Museum we are very excited to tell you about some programs where you can get your holiday shopping done and support the Museum at no cost to you! If you start your online shopping experience at or, then you can choose for the Virginia Quilt Museum to be the recipient of a portion of your purchase price. The stores won't give you a discount, but at least they will give back to the Museum. So, please support the Virginia Quilt Museum and start your shopping at one of these generous web-based companies.
How to start shopping and benefiting the Museum?
1. Go to and click the tab for "Museum Partners". Then use the search box to find Virginia Quilt Museum. After you've selected us, then you can choose where you would like to begin shopping.
2. This one is very easy, go to and begin shopping to support the Virginia Quilt Museum.
Upcoming Exhibits & Events
"Stars on a Bed of Feathers" by Pamela Mann
(From Bedroom to Boardroom)

September 3rd - December 14th
November 29th - 30th
Thanksgiving Museum Shop Special - 20% off books
December 7th
Victorian Holiday Tea Fundraiser
3:00-5:00 pm
Pre-registration required
December 14th
Annual Meeting of Membership
10:30 am
Board of Directors Meeting
12:00 pm
January 14th - April 26th, 2014
From Bedroom to Boardroom
Remembering Anna: The Quilts of Anna Holland
Quilts of the 19th Century Miniaturized by Kathie Ratcliffe
The Tavern Quilt Guild of Heathsville
January 25th
Exhibit Reception
2:00 pm
Date & Time - To Be Announced
In Honor of Our Volunteers Party   
February 1st
Board of Directors Meeting
12:00 pm
April 5th
Board of Directors Meeting
12:00 pm
April 28th - May 2nd
Exhibit Change
May 6th - August 23rd
Stitching It All Together - the Threads that Unite Us
Who are Modern Quilters?  
Save 20%
All books in the Museum Shop will be 20% off during our after Thanksgiving Sale! 

Offer valid on In-Store purchases only.
No other discounts apply.
Offer Valid from Friday, November 29  to Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Locker Hook rug...DONE!!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are having a good week!

I started out the year with a list of UFO's that I felt I needed to finish.  Unfinished "business", whether personal, professional, quilty, financial, spiritual, etc. holds me back.

I have finished another one.  This rug started out as "scrappy".  A strip here, a strip there, but then I couldn't handle how long it was dragging out...on and on and on...I just wanted it DONE!

At the 1/2 way mark, I started cutting up "ugly" fabric.  I quilting friend of mine once told me that "ugly" fabric isn't "ugly" if you cut it small enough.  It's true! some of the fabric in this rug was downright hideous! 

Here it is. 

Now the problem is I can't figure out where to put it.  I can't put it near a door, it's too thick and the door won't open over it.  Right now it's in a hallway between my dining room/hallway/living room.  We'll see where it ends up!

How are you doing on your UFO list?  Would love a comment and picture or two!

Until next time, keep quilting!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

catching up on quilt magazines...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Well, along with finishing up several UFO's this year, another goal was to read the HUGE pile of quilting magazines that I had been collecting.  When I had my second son 3 1/2 years ago, life got a lot more hectic!  Sleep deprivation made everything more difficult.  Even reading took too much energy.  I have been slowly catching up (I discontinued all my magazine subscriptions until I catch up) and this week came across an article in The Quilter, Dec/Jan 2011 issue on Irena Bluhm.  Her colorful wholecloth quilts are simply amazing.  I'm sure I'm late to the party, and everyone else knows about her, but just in case, here is her website:

Head over and check out some real eye candy.  You won't be disappointed!

Until next time, keep quilting!
Custom Quilt Kits

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inspiring the next generation

I hope you have had a great week!

As some of you know, I am a middle school librarian by day (for a few more years, anyway...).  When students lose books I offer several ways they can take responsibility for it.  One way is to stay after school and "work" it off with me.  Normally, students will stay after school and dust shelves, help me process new books, shelve books, etc.  Well, these two young ladies were in for a treat.  They got to help me baste a quilt!  This quilt top was gifted to me about 15 years ago by a friend.  Her grandmother made it by machine, maybe in the 50s.  I'm no expert on the date, though.  You should have seen the look on these two students' faces when I asked for help basting it!  "You mean this is our detention?"  "Mrs. Hall, your detentions ROCK!" was the excitement in the room.  This was similar to an old fashioned quilting bee, I learned about more gossip from these two 7th grade girls than I had learned all YEAR.  Let me just say, TMI (too much

Here they are:

The tables in my library are just right for basting a quilt.  If you ever need a place to baste a quilt, ask your local school librarian if you can use her tables.  I'll bet for a small donation to the PTO or in exchange for some volunteer hours shelving she would be glad to let you come in after school and use the tables.  She might even be able to recruit a few helpers for you!

This is one of 3 UFO's that I have left to do this year...better get busy!

until next time, keep quilting!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free online mag (4 issues, anyway!)

How is your day going?

I mentioned in my newsletter (have you signed up yet?) about this issue I received in my email the other day when I signed up for this online magazine.  I'm all about!

I wanted to pass it on to you, my BQF (best quilting friends...)

Thank you for joining us at The Quilt Pattern Magazine!


Help us get the word out by letting everyone know about the  , 4-month subscription to The Quilt Pattern Magazine!


This is what they need to know to obtain their free subscription.

Their group code. GP13BTheir group name. QUILTERPlease Note: This offer is for new TQPM subscribers only.


With this information ready, they can go to our website at and click the red pincushion
keep quilting!
ps. if you haven't visited my website lately, or need to sign up for my newsletter, visit

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

International Quilt Study--latest quilt

Hi Everyone!

This quilt is part of the new exhibit on display at the International Quilt Study Museum.  I love how women made do with what they had.  I know my quilting philosophy is very similar.  "Make do or do without".  I try not to let even the tiniest of scraps go to waste!

Quilt Of The Month

Bed Cover with Petticoat Borders
Maker unknown
Probably made in Connecticut, early 19th century from circa 1750 clothing
IQSCM 2005.016.0001
Purchase made possible through James Foundation Acquisition Fund
This bed cover is constructed of recycled clothing. The center area was made from a wool broadcloth hooded cloak, cut apart and pieced back together to make a flat rectangle, then embroidered with a variety of trees.
The maker also took apart a quilted petticoat and added it to the sides and foot of the center rectangle. The petticoat went out of style when neoclassical dresses with slim skirts came into vogue about 1800. The motifs and stitching style are related to other petticoats with Connecticut and Rhode Island ties.
The petticoat is embellished with motifs in the border, including insects, birds, a lion, an owl, a sailing ship, a mermaid and a turtle. The border is worked with backstitches, while the grid is worked with running stitches.

On a similar note, I've decided at the top of my "to do" list is a visit to the Quilt Museum of Virginia.  Harrisonburg is about 2 1/2 hours away, so this is a day trip on a Saturday with my two boys in tow (and hopefully my Mom, too!).  I would love to know if any of my readers have visited this museum and what you thought.  Also, if you live close, email me and maybe we can plan to meet up for lunch or a visit together at the museum?

Here is a link to the museum:

Head over to my Facebook page and "like" it if you haven't already.  I give a free kit away for every 10 likes, and every once in awhile, the prize is a USTOM CUT  kit, just for YOU!

Keep quilting!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Locker Hook Project--UFO continues...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ok, Ok, since I'm actually WORKING on this project, I'm going to call it a Work In Progress (WIP).  I know, it's still Unfinished, but progress is being made.  I'm so mental...

I would consider myself about 2/3 of the way done.  I don't watch much TV, in fact, I don't sit much period. I do, though, watch Bubble Guppies and Team UmiZoomi on Nick Jr. on Friday and Saturday nights with my 2 boys.  If you've never watched it, you are missing a treat! My boys look forward to it all week.  It comes on after their typical 8pm bedtime, so they "work" towards it as a reward.  It's amazing what I can get done in 4 hours of TV between Friday and Saturday.

This was taken on my back porch and you can't really see all the colors in it.  I started out only using scraps~ a strip here, a strip there.  Then I got impatient and have started cutting up larger and larger pieces of material.   Right now I have quite a few pieces of material that I am wondering what I was thinking when I purchased them.  They are getting cut up and put into this rug.  It's amazing how the UGLIEST fabric looks good when put into it.

Gotta get busy!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rose of Sharon BOM among other things...

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Wow!  I have been really busy lately.  I'm not even sure where to start...

I'm about at the 1/2 way mark on my locker hook rug project.  I've learned that if I keep the strips cut and ready to go I'm more likely to pick it up and work on it if I have 15-20 minutes to spare.

The Bright BOM is coming along nicely.  This is block 9.  Pink and brown is HUGE right now.  If you have an idea of how you want to finish your quilts~ borders, sashing, etc. I would love to help with pre cut strips, etc.  Email me at to get started.

The Civil War BOM is also coming along nicely.  I have had a few people mention their blocks were cut incorrectly.  I believe it was block 2.  If you haven't put it together yet, please pull it out and lay it out to make sure the triangles are the right size.  Send me an email if you need them replaced, This is the block that went out a few weeks ago...

The Rose of Sharon BOM is filling up quickly.  Due to the labor intensive nature of cutting out the appliques this group will be really small. If you are interested, email me NOW to reserve your space, This is the 1st block that my Mom just finished.  I am so lucky that she makes my samples!

The Applique of the Month for October is Gingerbread Houses.  I don't have any cut yet, but here is the die:

I can't wait to get started on these! Email me to reserve your package~ only $5 for a package of 6 houses!

I've had some custom orders lately and LOVE it! keep 'em coming!  The favorite one that I finished just this morning:

The customer is making quilts for her grandchildren (or great nieces/nephews?) and so needed 3-4 of each item. If she sends me a pic of the finished quilts I will make sure to pass it on.

And last, but not least.  I've taken on a new business partner.  Meet Mr. Purdy Cat. Today was his first day in my studio.  I now know to keep the door closed so I don't get cat hair on my fabric, which could cause an allergic reaction in some customers. I haven't had a cat for a few years and have really missed it.  He is slowly getting used to my boys.  They can be a little overwhelming...

Whew! Maybe I should try blogging more often, so my posts aren't quite so long?  Tell me what you think...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Red Cross Quilt

Here is the latest posting from the International Quilt Study and Center Museum.  I love following their blog!

Just in case that link doesn't work, here is a cut and paste version...

  • Quilt Explorer
  • Education
  • Support
  • Site Map

  • Quilt Of The Month
    Click on the image to see a close-up.
    Red Cross Quilt
    University Place (Lincoln), Nebraska
    Circa 1917
    76 x 66 inches

    International Quilt Study Center & Museum 2009.002.0001
    Donated by Mary Alice Jones, historian for the Red Cross-Cornhusker Regional Chapter

    In 1917, a Sunday School class of 9-year-olds at First Methodist Episcopal Church (University Place) now First United Methodist (Lincoln) and taught by Edith Wing made this quilt as a fund raiser for the Red Cross.
    Each child was responsible for collecting signatures and embroidering a block with those names along with his or her name. The class collected 240 names and raised a total of $24 for their cause.
    "Even before the United States entered the war in 1917, the Red Cross appealed to Americans for help for victims in the war zones. Many women's magazines campaigned to involve women on the home front. Since signature quilts had long been a popular fund-raising device, it was natural to enlist them in the war effort."
    - From Nebraska Quilts & Quiltmakers edited by Patricia Crews and Ronald C. Naugle
    This quilt is currently on display in the exhibition "Posing with Patchwork: Quilts in Photographs, 1855-1955."

    Until next time,
    keep quilting!

    Thursday, August 29, 2013

    Thursday, August 29, 2013

    Well, I wrote last time about my UFO's.  I've gained a little momentum with the locker hook rug project.  I took 20 minutes and cut a gazillion (yes, it's a word) strips.  I also make myself work on it every Friday night.  I even put it on my official to do list, so I can cross it off and feel the sense of accomplishment.  lol  I'm so OCD.
    Here is a pic of the little bit I was able to accomplish Friday night (and some Saturday!)

    As you can see, if I could just sit long enough it probably wouldn't take me too many Friday nights to get it done.

    And you may be asking yourself, why does she want to complete this so badly?  Well, I promised myself that I would not start any other projects before my UFO's were finished. I have 3 left to go.

    The reason I'm in such a hurry is that I have a new BOM starting in October--the Rose of Sharon BOM.  I'm sure you've seen the book and DVD that I've written about, so I won't post them here again.  But, I just added some new fabrics to the stash for that BOM and they are SUPER yummy.  I just love batiks.  (at first I didn't understand when quilters said this, but now I DO!)

    The bottom one is actually a blue, not black like the pic.  I can't wait for this BOM to start! If you haven't signed up yet, shoot me and email ASAP! The books are $15, the DVD's are $18.  The BOM is $10/new customers and $7.50 for returning customers.  I have a needle turn and a fusible option.
    Gotta run, gonna work on that UFO!
    keep quilting!

    Thursday, August 15, 2013

    Thursday, August 15, 2013

    I'm not doing very well with my UFO list.  How about you?  I still have one more to finish by machine (the machine quilting).  That will probably get done this year.  The other two are hand work, and I've lost my steam.  The locker hook rug is not happening.  Maybe it's because I don't keep a pile of strips to use close by, maybe it's because I never "sit" long enough to work on it, and maybe it's just because I'm bored with it.  I am determined, however, to not start another project until I get the rug done.  It does NOT mean, though, that I can't give my Mom projects to "test" for

    I will be starting a new BOM in October.  If you like applique (needle turn or fusible) and batiks, this is for you!
    We are using this book/DVD:

    I will have the books for sale for $15 and the DVD's for sale for $18 (Amazon currently has the DVD for $50).  Due to copyright each participant needs to have his/her own copy.  If you don't want to buy a copy of this, you can always get it from your local library, or maybe your guild library.  The blocks will come with precut pieces and a background square.  The batiks have been pre washed to prevent bleeding.  The price is only $10/new customers and $7.50/returning customers.  You can join for 3 months and make a table runner or join for 12 or more months and make a super size quilt! The choice is yours!  I am also offering 2 choices of applique~ needle turn (using the freezer paper method described in the book/DVD) and fusible.  Just let me know which method you prefer so I know which kit to send you.


    and when I started I didn't know what to write about...=)

    until next time...keep quilting!

    Thursday, August 1, 2013

    Bluefield VA quilt show

    Thursday, August 1, 2013

    I think I finally recuperated from quilt shows, vacations (complete with nasty sunburn!) and laundry and have to head back to work.  Where is the fairness in life?

    Here are some pics of the quilt show! Enjoy!


    until next time,
    keep quilting!