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Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012


December already.  Where did the year go?

I know we are all really, REALLY busy this time of year, so I will make this short.

First, for all those who sent cards, condolences and prayers for my family with the death of my Grandfather, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  He was a Godly man and I know he is enjoying his eternal reward.  How exciting to think he is getting ready to celebrate his first Christmas with Jesus in person!

I wanted to mention a few BOM's (Blocks of the Month) that I have going at Custom Quilt Kits. The first one isn't really a BOM, but an Applique of the Month.  If you like to applique, this is for you.  Every month I send out emails and announcements via my FB page about the latest offering (if you haven't "liked" my page make sure you do soon!).  Whether to buy every month is up to you--no monthly commitments required. December's applique are hearts--I can cut them in red, pink, purple, and lavender.  They are approximately 3" tall and have the fusible already applied.  A package of 12 is $5--that includes postage. Email me if you are interested in ordering a package or two  January 2013 is shamrocks and February is Easter Eggs.

The next BOM is a Paper Pieced BOM.  The colors right now are a purple, green and beige.  The fabric has been prewashed already.  Each month is $6.50 (including postage).  The borders and backing will be considered another "block". Visit my website, and click on the Paper Piecing BOM link for a picture.

I'm also considering another traditional BOM to start in February.  I plan to limit this to 15 people, so if you are interested let me know ASAP.  I will put your name on the list.  Not sure of the price, if you put your name on the list, you are not obligated. For some reason posting pictures in this blog is very difficult for me, but here goes:
Here is the fabric I plan to offer for the BOM:



Sorry about the pictures being all over the place.  I'm not sure why pictures and this blog don't like each other, LOL!
Last, but not least, is the reason I named my business CUSTOM Quilt Kits.  If you see a pattern (or several different blocks) and would like to create your own CUSTOM Block of the Month, email me! I can do that!  We can decide on a pattern, color palette, and price to fit your budget.  Get a friend or two to sew the same BOM with you and the price might be even cheaper.  What an awesome project for a guild.  Don't forget that my fabric comes prewashed and the pieces are pre cut--just sit down and sew! 
 I'm sure there is more that I could blog about, but Christmas projects are calling me!
Merry Christmas! or if you don't celebrate, Happy Holidays--or how about--Let it SNOW!