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Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

While I did have the day off from school, I have been super busy getting ready to go to Pennsylvania next week!  I can't wait!  My first national show!  woohoo!

One of the techniques my Mom and I will be demonstrating at our booth is the rope baskets and purses.  The rope is regular cotton clothesline and the fabric is regular cotton.  Old bedsheets are a really economical way to do this technique.  While I'm thinking about it--I can cut your fabric into the 3/4" strips needed for $2/yd.  Most projects take 2 yards or less. 

Here is the book that we will be selling to go along with our demonstration:
My Mom mentioned today that she thinks the first book is better for beginners. I don't have time to get some in stock before we leave town, but plan to get some and carry it on my website when I get back.
Here is a little girl's purse that she made.  Of course, when she was using my 5 year old BOY as a model, we had to make sure Daddy wasn't at home! LOL
And here are some coasters and a holder to put them in.  As you can see, they aren't quite finished.
My mom has also made a casserole "cozy" but she uses it constantly.  I can't even get a picture of it!
I believe she might be addicted to basket making!
Here is a youtube video that demonstrates this technique.  My mom wouldn't let me videotape her sewing. LOL

Some new announcements:

1. Returning customers now get 25% off every order. The only catch is that I don't know how to do this through the shopping cart on my webpage (more technology, ugh!), so you have to email me and tell me what you would like to order. I will send you a paypal invoice to be paid that reflects the 25% off. Email me at

2. If you are thinking about a custom kit order for Christmas, you need to book a space now. I'm filling up quickly.

3. If you suggest a LQS to send a complimentary sample to, and they place an order, I will send you a sample of what they ordered. For example, you suggest LQS, I send them some sample kits. They place an order for 10 kits. I send you a kit like they ordered. FOR FREE! just for suggesting your favorite store. Send the name of the store and address/contact info to me at

4. I'm getting ready to start an appliqué of the month club. You would sign up for the club and every month I would send you a package of appliqués. I'm thinking right now 12 appliqués per package for $5. Your invoice would come via Paypal. As soon as you pay it, I ship your package. If you decide one month that you don't want that particular package of appliqués, you can let me know. I'll be sending out an announcement via my FB page, so if you don't already "like" me, sign up now. You don't want to miss it! Search Custom Quilt Kits in the FB search bar.

5. Speaking of Facebook, I am still doing my "likes" contest. Every time I hit a multiple of 10 likes, I give away a free kit. I have hit my short term goal of 100 “likes” and will be announcing my winner after I come back from the Pennsylvania Quilt Show. Not only will someone win a free kit, but everyone who has "liked" my page will get a 10% off discount for 10 days. I like multiples of 10--makes the math easier!

6.  Most importantly, my website is 

Next time I blog, I will be posting pics of the quilt show!  Stay tuned!