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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bedford and Rockbridge Co. (Virginia) Quilt Shows--2012

Hi Everyone,
I have to make this quick!  My mom has both boys and she says she is on the way over.  If I don't get this done now, who knows when it will get done!
I visited two quilt shows this summer.  The Bedford Quilt Guild Show is in the local library. Being a librarian by day, I was in heaven!  The Rockbridge Co. Quilt Guild host their show at the local county fair.  I tried to interest my boys in the farm animals.  My 2 year old wouldn't even get near the barns!  Such city boys.  My husband I and I both grew up in the country, so I find their trepidation of large farm animals a little humorous.  But I digress...
Here are the pics of the Bedford show!  Enjoy!  (If someone can help me load the pics right side up, I would be forever grateful!)

And the pics from the Rockbridge Show:

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5. Speaking of Facebook, I am still doing my "likes" contest. Every time I hit a multiple of 10 likes, I give away a free kit. My next multiple is 100 and not only will someone win a free kit, but everyone who has "liked" my page will get a 10% off discount for 10 days. I like multiples of 10--makes the math easier!  As of today, I'm only 3 "likes" away from 100!!!!

Until next time---
keep quilting!