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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012
OK, call me a slacker.  I have not blogged since before Christmas last year. In my defense, I've been super busy getting ready for the quilt show in TN next month.  I put together 25 dresden plate kits today.  I am now working on hexagon quilt kits.  I can't figure out how to kit them, maybe some scrappy, and some with a pattern of some sort?  I also plan to include the card stock pieces.  I also have several DWR kits that I have made up, several packages of "tumblers" and several kits of drunkard's path.  I need to make up some packages with pre cut shapes, I bought the fusible today.  My dad is making part of my display.  I love my DAD!  He is the best.  A big shout out to my husband as well.  He does taxes on the side and this is his busy season (duh!), but he has figured out a way to work upstairs with the laptop and watch our two boys so I can be downstairs in the evening putting kits together.  I love my family!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
My craft booth selling baby items last weekend was a success. I met a lot of great Moms and Grandmas who could appreciate what I had for sale. I had one shopper, while looking at my flannel blankies with hand appliqued shapes on it, look at the price and say"That's all?" That really helped, because I sometimes get discouraged that people are not willing to pay more for handmade items. China, with its cheap labor, has really spoiled us. Not many appreciate "American made quality" anymore. I think at my next booth I am going to make a sign that says "Proudly hand made in America" or maybe "Virginia".
I have decided next year to concentrate my business on the quilty side more--kits, etc. While I really enjoy the baby items, it takes alot of time to make the items. My kits, etc. are faster to make up, which leaves me more time to make samples and play with my boys. I still also work a full time job, so my time is a premium. Like I tell people, my "free" time is not FREE.
I have been accepted to vend at two quilt shows so far next year. I will be at the Smoky Mountain Quilters of Tennessee's 32nd Annual Quilt Show and Competition next year. Their website is: . The date of the show is March 23-25 and
is being held at the Maryville Colleges' Cooper Athletic Center. I plan to sponsor a prize category, although I have not decided yet which one.
I have also been accepted to vend at the Blue Ridge Quilt Festival. There website is: . The dates are June 20-23. The Festival is held in Blacksburg, VA. I plan to sponsor the Applique Awards at this Festival--1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive gift baskets of pre cut applique shapes, jelly rolls, and maybe a book or two.
Until next time, keep quilting!

Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 I love dates like this. I always wanted to get married or have a baby on such a date. I know, it's silly. After reading the newspaper today and watching the news, I'm not the only one who feels that way!
Here are some pics of a recent customer order. I love it when customers send me pictures of the items they have made with the kits I helped them assemble.
Fleece blankie Fleece blankie
I am frantically getting ready for KidzKraze--a children's consigment sale. There web address is and I know they are on Facebook. If you are local to the Lynchburg area and in need of new and used children's items, please stop by Thursday, December 1st-Saturday, December 3rd.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Appomattox Historical Railroad Festival went really well a few weeks ago. I made several contacts, acquired 2 custom orders (which I am now frantically trying to get done!) and had a great time meeting the wonderful people of Appomattox. What a great family oriented town!
I am currently working on a brochure to hand out at quilt shows. I am having a hard time fitting all my info into those little boxes! If you have a brochure that you use in your quilt business, I would love to see it! Please email it to me at
I am also getting ready to send some pre cut appliques to some local quilt stores in the Mid-Atlantic region. If you would like to see some shapes at your LQS, please email and let me know what store and what shapes you think I should send.
Until next time, keep quilting!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October? are you kidding me? where did September go? I feel like accomplished quite a bit in September, but not nearly enough. The "to do" list is still a mile long...
I will be in Appomattox, VA this weekend for the Railroad Festival. I'm really excited and have been making train items for months. Everything from onesies to burp cloths have train appliques on them. I hope they sell really well. I have also reserved space at a KidsKraze event here in Lynchburg for December. KidsKraze sells gently used children's items. They are trying a new market area this year, we'll see how it goes. I hope it doesn't turn into a "yard" sale mentality. I have also signed up for several quilt shows next year to either sell kits or demonstrate my die cut machine. I am really excited about what the next year will bring for my business.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Well, I've finished several items for my store and am having a hard time finding the time to take pictures and post them to my site. Do you ever have that problem of to much to do and not enough time to do it in? I make out a weekly to do list on Sunday and so far this week I have only accomplished one item--and only partially completed at that! I'm currently working on customer orders, items for a craft show in Appomattox, VA in October and kits for a quilt show in March. I know March sounds like a long time from now, but it will be here before you know it.
I've also started working on goals for next year already. Some people refer to them as "resolutions". I prefer to use the word "goals". Why? Because then I don't feel like I've "failed" if I don't accomplish it right away. A goal is something I'm working towards. It allows me to fail several times and still keep trying. And if I don't make the goal? I put it on next year's list and KEEP TRYING! I make goals in several areas including my spiritual life, my financial life, my professional life and my physical life.
Until next time, keep quilting!

Friday, August 12, 2011
I'm soo glad it's Friday! I finished the "It's a BOY" banner that is now in my online store~under baby items and pre cut kits. I'm working on the GIRL banner right now. It's cute~pink/white polka dots. I'm also working on some more swaddlers and onesies for my store. Email me at if there is something specific you would like to order. I LOVE custom orders.
Thursday, August 4, 2011
Well, my first week back at work is almost over. TGIF! I have not gotten much quilting done this week, but have finished a few swaddlers and onesies that are now in my store. I hope to get more done this weekend.
Keep quilting, everyone!
Friday, July 29, 2011
Today is my last day of "freedom". Monday I go back to work. I count today, not Sunday, because the boys are not home right now. I didn't get much done this week, except a yo yo lion for a customer (purple lion under baby items) and my bullentin board for August (for school). I'll posts pics of it later. I did the b-board in fabric, but may decided to switch to scrapbooking paper for Septembers' b-board because it would be cheaper. I used fabric because I thought it might last better and I can re-use the same b-board next year, we'll see.
I thought I would post some pics of the Rockbridge Pieceworkers Quilt Guild Show that I went to last weekend at the Rockbridge County Fair in Lexington, VA. It was a small and intimate show. I love small shows! I'm not much on crowds, and feel more comfortable taking my time browsing in a small show. I took pics of the quilt and then the label, so I could give credit to the maker, it's so important, ya know? (Edited Friday afternoon: I just realized that you can't click on the photos to make them larger, so I am slowly adding them to the gallery for you to enjoy. Please keep in mind that I have two small children, so this may take awhile...)
quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info
Quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info
quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info
quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info
quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info
quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info
quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info
quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info
quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info
quiltquilt infoquiltquilt info

Friday, July 22, 2011
Well, another successful week~I finished 3 more projects on my "to do" list. The no sew quiltboards are SUPER easy! Do a Google search for "Quilt Magic" and you can see the huge variety of projects that can be done. My mom gave me these for Christmas 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. Since I didn't decorate my nursery in "traditional" nursery style, the baby one sat in the closet unopened. The 9 patch looked really complicated and with two babies in 3 years, I did not need any more complications in my life! The valances are in my sewing studio~we had new windows installed this summer and I hate to put up blinds and cover the windows, so this was my solution. All these projects were with fabric I had in my stash. Gotta love the stash! I had wanted to get the baby quilt top that I finished recently ready for quilting on the long arm, but injured my tibular tendon even worse last night and am now on crutches. Standing for long periods of time is not an option right now. That's OK~my to do list always includes lots of hand work. Here on my pics:

Baby New Sew Quiltboard 9 patch no sew quiltboard
Curtain 1Curtain 2

Friday, July 15, 2011
I had two quilts that I wanted to finish this summer. I finished the baby quilt last week (soon to be quilted) and I finished the other Yankee quilt this week. I'm so excited! I'm a goal oriented person~some refer to it as "Type A personality", others refer to it as OCD. Either way, I get things done. Here is a picture of the Yankee quilt:
Yankee Rag Quilt
I used my die cut machine to cut out all the flannel rag squares (240 in all) and the batting squares. I had to use the old fashioned freezer paper method for the Yankee logos, though, due to copyright concerns. This was a gift to my husband two years ago and he is glad to have it in time to watch his Yankees this season while in his man cave (which he keeps cold as a cave!)
What UFO's do you want to finish? Do you have scrap fabric that could be made into a scrappy quilt? One of my next projects is to start using my scrap bags. I keep scraps of fabric as small as 2" square. I plan to cut the really small scraps into squares to make a postage stamp quilt, the larger scraps I plan to cut into hexagons and make a GFG quilt, and the strips I want to cut into 1 1/2" strips and crochet into rugs. I would also like to learn the locker hook rug method, we'll see!
Until next week, keep quilting!
Friday, July 8, 2011
I am so excited! I just finished my baby's quilt top. This is the quilt top that I had people sign at my baby shower. It was supposed to be a wall hanging, but as you can see from the picture, fits my queen size bed and then some. I guess it fits my motto, "Go big or go home!" Here is a picture:
Malachi's Yankee Quilt
Saturday, July 2, 2011
I just received an application in the mail today for the Philadelphia Quilt show that is in Sept. I'm still trying to decide if I should go. When I rec'd the application for the Denver show I had to turn them down. I really want to go!
Thursday, June 30, 2011
Well, once again it is Thursday. I just finished yesterday the online store update that I spoke of last week and I still haven't finished the doll head. I did work on in this morning and it may still get done tonight. I tried to post pictures of the purple lion that I made for a customer and for some reason could not load them onto my website. For those who follow me on Facebook, I will load pictures there.
Thursday, June 23, 2011
Well, where has the week gone? I can't believe it's Thursday already! I "wasted" Monday and Tuesday by cleaning my house (such a waste--it will just get dirty again, LOL) and yesterday I took a 2 1/2 hour nap while my boys were with the sitter and at school. Please understand I am NOT a nap taker and definitely not a morning nap taker. I guess I was making up for 13+ months with no sleep. Yesterday afternoon I was able to finish organizing my quilt magazines. This morning I finished a purple lion head for a custom order and then started on a doll head for another custom order. All I need to do to finish it is the hair, should be done tomorrow. If my boys cooperate and take a nap at the same time ( a very big IF!) I plan to sew a sleeve on a customers' quilt. Tomorrow morning I have plans to take some pictures so I can add some new items to the baby section of my store--check back this weekend to see what I added. OK, so maybe I just figured out where my week has gone...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
I finished the Yo Yo toys that a customer had ordered a few weeks ago (see the pictures in the baby items link on the left hand side of the home page). Things are kinda slow right now, so I plan to work on some things for me--my son's baby quilt and my husband's NY Yankee quilt that I started 2 years ago. I also have planned to organize my quilt magazines. I refer to them often for ideas for kits, so I need to have them readily available. I then plan to start working on things for a few festivals/quilt shows I have planned this fall. There is always something to do, isn't there?
Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Gotta love that what I typed yesterday is nowhere to be found. Don't you just love cyberland? I'm sure my post is out there somewhere!
Well, Uncle Billy's Day was a success in the way of contacts. The photo quilt I had on display was quite a hit, as well as the onesies. I didn't sell any hooded towels. I am amazed at that. I thought they were perfect for the beach or pool. Maybe I should have brought my 4 year old and a wading pool to give people ideas? I might do that next time! While my booth was only 10 feet wide, it deep enough to have 2 tents, with a wading pool under the second tent. hmm...I may think abou that some more.
The orders are picking up from my website, I'm extremely excited about that! One of my goals this year for my business was to have a positive cash flow and make the business self supporting. I've had to pay for some large items (the tent for last weekend's festival, for example) out of personal funds, but so far, I'm headed in the right direction.
I sold several of my pre cut kits at Uncle Billy's Day this weekend. I had mostly rag square kits on display that you could mix and match to make your own kit. They were received very warmly by the crafters/quilters who visited my booth. I even had one customer say the kit had inspired her to try quilting. That comment made my day!
I placed an order yesterday with Accucut for their 1" letters--both uppercase and lowercase. I will now be able to put names, etc. on the onesies and other items. As soon as I get them I will put a picture under the "new" section.
Gotta run, both boys are now up from their naps! Until next time, keep quilting!

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Wow! Has it been over a week since I've written? What a whirlwind of a week! For those who don't know, I still hold a day job as a middle school librarian. I am SOO ready for school to be out! The students' last day is May 27. 5 more days! I feel like everything in my life is in overdrive right now. Not only is school going to be over soon, but the Festival I have been preparing for will be here soon. Uncle Billy's Day is in Altavista, VA June 3/4. This is my first year with a booth there and I am super excited. For anyone reading this, if you will be in Central Virginia that weekend, please stop by my booth and say hello!
I spent my evenings this week getting ready for my booth preparing flannel rag kits. I plan to have several options--white, cream, pink, blue, lavendar, green and yellow. I will also have some coordinating prints cut into rag squares. The kits will have 24 flannel rag squares and 12 batting squares in them. The customer who purchases them can mix and match to create a custom quilt kit. Flannel rag quilts are super easy to sew in a short time. All you do is sew an "X" over the flannel squares to sandwich the batting in the middle and then sew the squares together. The fringe is already cut for you, so this is truly a rag quilt without the sore fingers! Gotta love that! I have put a quilt together that measured 5 squares by 5 squares together in a few hours. I love to give them as gifts.
On a personal note, for those who were praying for Malachi, THANK YOU! His burns have healed with virtually no scarring and he will have full range of motion in his hand with no physical therapy required. This was truly a miracle. Malachi also underwent surgery on Monday to have tubes put in his ears to help combat the ear infections we have been plagued with for several months. While this hasn't helped him sleep through the night (I had so hoped it would!), he is feeling better. My oldest son, Moe, is wrapping up his first year of school and has started T-ball. He had his first game yesterday and to the Grandma's watching, he is an allstar!
Friday, May 13, 2011
I started a yo-yo owl for a customer Wednesday night. I almost have it done. It's made from a Simplicity pattern. I'll post a picture in the gallery sometime this weekend. I showed it to the customer today (even though its not finished) and I thought she would start crying she was so thrilled. I love my job!
Thursday, May 5, 2011
Wow! So much has happened since I wrote last. On Easter Sunday I was instantly awakened to the wail of my 11 mo. after he burnt his hand in my husband's coffee. After rushing him to the emergency room, they transported us to the UVA Medical Center where he was admitted for 3 days. He just had the bandages removed a 2 days ago. Thankfully, he will make a full recovery with minimal scarring and full range of motion in his hand. Who knew coffee could be so hot?
Because of all this excitement, I was not able to get to my sewing room at all last week. However, I was able to get downstairs the last two nights and finished piecing the top for the second photo quilt. The quilts were presented today during the Mother's Day Luncheon at my child's school and the teachers who received the quilts were brought to tears. I feel horrible that the one teacher was only able to see a quilt top, but I promised to finish it ASAP and get it back to her. I have a session booked on the long arm at LQS for this weekend, so I can give it to her on Monday.
Since I had today off, I took advantage and worked on the signature quilt for my baby. At his baby shower (over a year ago!) I had people sign quilt squares instead of a guest book. I've been so busy with customer orders this past year and have not been able to finish it. I was able to get all the blocks sewn together that I had signed. I only have a few more to make and the top will be done.
Until next time, keep quilting!
Monday, April 11, 2011
I started on two photo quilts this weekend. They are a suprise, so I won't be able to go into much detail here! I printed the photos, now I get to choose the fabric--the fun part!
Thursday, April 7, 2011
Whew! I finally finished the nursery ensemble! And none too soon! The Momma-to-be might get put on bed rest anytime--but the nursery is ready! I pray for a safe delivery for Momma and baby. If you haven't seen the pictures, check them out in the gallery. Her nursery is so cute, I almost wish I could have more babies--but then I think about how my 11 mo. old is STILL not sleeping through the night and am glad I'm done!
A customer ordered 3 onesies earlier this week--all monogrammed. They are a nice way to pass the time in a faculty meeting! In fact, I didn't mind sitting the entire hour because I had something to work on! Here is a picture:
I sell the onesies for $5 each--I can do anysize, short sleeve or long sleeve. I usually applique the letters/shapes with fleece fabric because it is so soft, does not fray and does not need to be stabilized, so it is great against baby's skin! Email me at if you are interested.
Wednesday, March 30, 2011
I worked on the Dr. Seuss quilt last night! It is so cute! I am ready to bind it tonight, but the laundry is overflowing so that may be my first priority when I get home today.
Monday, March 28, 2011
I'm currently working on a nursery ensemble for a customer. She is decorating her little girl's nursery in Dr. Seuss. She is decorating with the red stripe Suess fabric--I'll post pictures when I can. I've already completed the valance, bed ruffle, and crib bumpers. I pin basted the quilt this morning and will hopefully get it quilted this week. I plan to follow the red stripe and echo quilting--nothing too difficult. I hope to finish the diaper stacker this weekend--and none to soon! The baby might be here sooner than planned!
After I finish this project, I have 2 pictures quilts to make. I can't wait to get started on them!
My mom and I (along with baby Malachi) went to Roanoke, VA this weekend to the Star Quilt Guild's quilt show! The guild turned 30 this year. We saw several wonderful quilts--I love to see others' creativity! My favorite was a small Christmas wallhanging. The quilter used paint sticks to create a beautiful piece. I received paint sticks for Christmas and would LOVE to master this technique. I was inspired by the Fons and Porter show where they demonstrated them. Don't be fooled! It is not as easy as they make it look. Maybe this summer I can work more on this technique--maybe I just need more practice?
Keep quilting!